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CO2 recovery plant removes impurities of and lowers the temperature of the raw materials through chemical reaction, adsorption, low temperature fractionation, filtering, etc.

CO2 Recovery Plant for CO2 Capture from Flue Gas

The CO2 recovery plant uses MEA to circularly absorb CO2 in normal temperature. Through a series of processing, such as CO2 absorption, concentration, drying, cooling, and heat transfer, the CO2 will enter the rectifying tower for removal of sulphur, saltpeter, oxygen, nitrogen and vapor. Finally, the clean CO2 is obtained and will be stored in the storage tank for use.

CO2 Recovery Plant for CO2 Recovery from Tail Gas

Our air separation unit utilizes water scrubber and water separator for dedusting and cooling. In addition, the CO2 recovery facility also employs adsorbent for desulfuration and dewatering. Apart from the patented dealkylation technology, the CO2 recovery plant combines rectifying tower for removal of methane, hydrogen, nitrogen, CO, O2, etc. The CO2 obtained is stored in the tank for use.

CO2 Recovery Plant for CO2 Recovery from Fermentation

Perfectly combining water scrubber, water separator, and special adsorbent, the CO2 capture equipment is capable of removing alcohol, aldehydes, lipid, and NO. Upon the completion of water, methane, hydrogen, and nitrogen removal, the clean CO2 is then obtained with this CO2 recovery plant.

As we all known, LNG is a kind of clean, efficient, convenient and safe energy source. It has significant advantage over other energy in the aspects of energy structure optimization, low carbon economy development, and energy saving and emission reduction popularization. To satisfy the market demand, we specially develop the LNG plant to provide fuel for agricultural industry, electricity generation, vehicle, and boat.

LNG Liquefaction Plant

Both the whole set and the skid-mounted LNG production equipment are available from us.
The process design and the engineering design can be conducted based on the components of the raw natural gas.

LNG Filling Station

The LNG filling station includes unloading system, LNG storing system, pressurization system, gasification system, high pressure gas storage system, gas filling measuring system, autonomous system, and alarm system.

CO2 recovery plant removes impurities of and lowers the temperature of the raw materials through chemical reaction, adsorption, low temperature fractionation, filtering, etc.

Air separation unit uses air as the raw material to produce industrial gases like oxygen, nitrogen, argon, etc. The equipment separates the different components of air by liquefaction rectification according to the different boiling points of air components. Generally, an air separation unit is basically composed of compression, purification, refrigeration and rectification systems.

Air Separation Plant

Air separation plant separates the oxygen, nitrogen and other useful gases by liquefying and rectificating the air. It is quite convenient and highly efficient and our air separation plant can separate oxygen, nitrogen and argon, and then directly deliquesce them.
The purity after separation: oxygen 99.6%, nitrogen 99.99%, argon 99.999%.

High Purity Nitrogen Plant

High purity nitrogen plant adopts a low pressure process. The highest nitrogen purity can be over 99.9999% (oxygen free).
It adopts a molecular sieve purification system.
It is designed with vacuum brazed plate fin heat exchanger which has a compact structure and ...

Oxygen, Nitrogen Liquefaction Plant

Oxygen, nitrogen liquefaction plant has been widely applied in various gas injection stations and in the industries of metal smelting, chemical engineering, electronics, glass, biological pharmacy, etc. It has been widely recognized by the clients in Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.

Pressure Swing Adsorption Plant

Pressure swing adsorption plant uses molecular sieve as adsorbent to separate oxygen and nitrogen according to their different adsorption quantities. The purity of oxygen can be 93% and nitrogen 99.5%~99.99%. Moreover, the equipment is characterized by quick startup, high automation, compact structure, small occupation area, etc.

There are two types of tank, namely flat bottomed and vacuum type storage tank. The equipment is mainly used to store cryogenic liquid such as liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid natural gas, etc. Its working voltage ranges from 0.2 to 3.0 Kpa.

Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tank (Flat Bottom)

This cryogenic liquid storage tank is designed with a double-wall structure and cylinder type. It adopts perlite thermal insulation and atmospheric storage. Moreover, the parts needed for equipment production are pre-manufactured by our own factory, and ...

Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tank (Vacuum)

Cryogenic liquid storage tank is designed with a multilayered structure. It adopts vacuum thermal insulation. The equipment has two types, namely vertical type and horizontal type. It has been widely applied to store cryogenic liquid such as liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid CO2, liquid natural gas, etc.

The inside of oil storage tank is a steel tank. The external surface is wrapped by fiber reinforce plastic (FRP). There is a layer of polymer insulator between the inner tank and FRP interlayer.

What the page shows is our cryogenic liquid vaporizer. It is used to transform liquid gases into gaseous gases. It has three types, namely ambient vaporizer, steam heating vaporizer, electric heating vaporizer.Ambient vaporizer is made of billet aluminum, and is used to vaporize various cryogenic liquid ...

Ambient Vaporizer

Ambient vaporizer takes heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to liquid product flowing through its coils. It does not need any extra power or equipment. Besides, it does not need any other energy resources. Moreover, it has stable function. Therefore, ambient vaporizer is both economical and environmentally friendly.

Steam / Electric Heating Vaporizer

Steam /electric heating vaporizer can be used to directly heat cryogenic liquids and transform them into gases.
Our steam/electric heating vaporizer is made of 0Cr18Ni9 stainless steel. Heating vaporizer coil is placed in water box. After the water is heated by steam or electric tube, the cryogenic liquids adsorb the heat from water through the coil to vaporize.

The inner and outer pipes of cryogenic liquid vacuum pipe are both made of steel. The interlayer is made of anti-radiation composite materials to achieve multilayer heat insulation. Moreover, it is always kept in high vacuum state. In addition, the pipe is sealed to keep in long vacuum state.

Our company is a major manufacturer and supplier of cryogenic liquid transportation tanker in China. Our company has passed ISO9001:2008 International Quality System Certification. Our cryogenic liquid transportation tanker is mainly composed of storage tank, modified automobile chassis,

Cryogenic liquid piston pump is mainly used to press and transport cryogenic liquids such as liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid CO2, etc.

1. Cryogenic liquid centrifugal pump is designed with a special liquid guide wheel which reduces cavitation of low pump. Therefore, it has stable performance.
2. It is manufactured with purpose bearings and oiled with lubricating oil, which can lengthen the working life of drive system and improve operating efficiency.

The air compressor, with pressure from 2.5 to 10 bar (g) and capacity from 67 to 2.037 m/h, provides both high performance and flexibility for industrial applications. As with all Gongtong compressors, the rotary vane principle and the patented system of intensive

Acetylene is generated from the reaction between CaC2 and water through dissolved acetylene equipment. After being purified, dried, compressed and bottled, acetylene can be applied for industrial use. Actually, acetylene has been widely applied in the industries of metal cutting, chemical synthesis, acetylene carbon black, etc.

1. Materials are fed and discharged in a quick manner. Therefore, CO2 extraction equipment is easy and safe to operate, and has high productivity.
2. The highest pressure can be 300bar which allows more rapid dissolution and more effective separation.

Gongtong delivers a broad range of industrial gas equipment including air separation unit, cryogenic liquid storage tank, oil storage tank, cryogenic liquid vaporizer, cryogenic liquid vacuum pipe, cryogenic liquid centrifugal pump, air compressor, dissolved acetylene equipment, CO2 recovery plant, CO2 extraction equipment, and more.

Gongtong Low Carbon Technology Company is a major manufacturer and supplier of air separation unit, industrial gas solutions, etc. Our company is mainly engaged in the manufacture of CO2 recovery plant, oil storage tank, etc. We can also offer industrial gas solutions.